Sunday, 17 June 2012

Congratulation  to everyone  who  successfully completed the 02 months training.  
The event was more exciting ever we thought, and this is  the moment of satisfaction for me that I can see many of my friends  improve their stamina and run up to 10 km in record time, nonstop, 
Girls were outstanding in the this whole event,, defeated boys in long distance running, 
I will say ,
WELL DONE BOYS AND GIRLS, you all prove your fitness,  wishing you good Luck too,
Now as you can see this is the third and last month,,, we will continue in the same way for 02 days more then we will move up to the final, 

One more Good News Which I Want To Share With Everyone That Many Of  Our Friends  Give Up Smoking and Start Running,,

and they said ,They feel good after running, Running also reduce the stress and craving for smoking,and they find it the easiest way to Give up Smoking, 
Good Luck Guys!  Tell others not only me,
Thanks ,                                       

                              And watch this video if you are feeling lazy  
                                              It will boost up your moral !

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