Running in the Rain

It is a day of fine drizzly or light rainy. If the coming of raining can not cause the road has water logging and you could have a running in the open air.

Modern medical meteorology survey is showing that there are some benefits from running or walking in the drizzly day and you are not able to get these on a sunny day. If the rain falls down the grand and it has the function of washing the contamination in the sky. It also can refine the air and make trees and flowers nice and beautiful and it will make the road more clean, in addition the air is so fresh. The setting sun before the rain exposure and the first time coming of fine rain could produce the large number anions. It has a good name of air vitamin. It will make us ease, relaxed and happy and it also can reduce blood press.

In addition, training in the fine rain is also good for eliminating the emotional depressed disease that is easy to get for the people in the rainy weather. For the training people who do not to bring the rain gear seem to enjoy one kind of natural cold bath in the fine rain. It has the function of massaging for the face and muscle of the head and it will make people refreshed and cool. You will find everything fresh and new and the weary and annoyance will disappearance at once. It is very pleasure for you to have a rain bath. If you do it for long time and then our body will have strong adaptation to the changes of external environment and another is may reduce the times of having a cold.

The American physicist George specially studies the problem that fine rain is good for the health. He shows that the high atmosphere is full of quite a few of harmful rays. Asics Running Shoes There are a lot of cosmic rays run across the ozonosphere. The contaminate of earth is serious day by day and it leads to some harmful gas. And the other rays are caused by the all sorts of elements interact with each other in the atmosphere.

When there is a heavy rain and there is also a short time for it to fall down from the sky to the land and for it has large rain. There are many rays and the other chemical things to fall down the ground. There is no possibility for the drops polluted by radiation with falling down slowly and the rain will not bring chemical thing to the land.

However, there is different between the running in the rain and running in the fine day. The first thing for you to do about choosing running shoes and shoes should have the functions of preventing slippery, water and in this way you are not able to fall over yourself on the smoother road. On the side it needs you to slow down the speed and have small strides. When you accomplish your running and you have to change the wet clothes timely. You may have a hot bath so that you can not catch a cold.

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